Welcome To James A Bresco’s Authors and Writers Blog

Welcome To James A Bresco’s Authors and Writers Blog.


Welcome To James A Bresco’s Authors and Writers Blog


One of the  main objectives of the Authors and Writers Blog is to promote my new book “Warrior” , and to post related chapters and excerpts. Also, to post excepts from three works in progress: “The Train… now standing on Platform three,’  “The Best of Friends” and “The Wizard and the Mouse.”

In addition; I will be featuring Artist’s and their works in the Artists Spotlight Blog and, recently Self published Authors, will be able to SpotLight a synopsis and chapter in, The Authors Spotlight blog.

The Artists Spotlight, will I hope, build bridges between Self  published Authors;  who are looking for a High End cover design; for their recently finished book manuscript and,  Artists who are ready to help and advise; on a one to one basis and, follow accurately the stories synopsis, to produce a first rate and original cover.

The Authors Spotlight. Authors who may be interested, should contact me by E_Mail, the address is to be found on my Profile page. The preferred Genre is, Romance; Historical or modern.

This month, The Authors Spotlight focus’s on; Frank Clement-Lorford, author of, Alexis Soyer, The First Celebrity Chef.

Featured E Zine Articles.

In this category you will find several E Zine Articles that refer to the difficulties faced when Self Publishing.Please feel free to reproduce them on your own Blog Sites and, Links to the Articles, and the E Zine home page; where you can download them, are to be found there.

James A Bresco’s Coffee Table.

This month on the Coffee Table you will find a feature on  “The Best of British” Cakes,pastries, puddings and desserts, with a host of mouth watering images in the; Best of British Galleries. Also, this week on the Coffee Table we take a look at “Comments. Oh no! Do you leave Comments “ a humorous study on the problems of Logging in.

Profile on James A Bresco. Contact me through the links to be found there.

Thank you for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.I invite you to tell me of any ideas or suggestions  regarding the site, and of course, for an Author, a few words from you in the comments section,or even a click on the, like button, in the Chapters page, would help enormously.

James A Bresco