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C G I Artist Spotlight. Don Webster

Don Webster



I began my career in imagery as an aerial surveillance officer in the 60’s, moving on to conceptualizing technologies in the 70’s, and with the advent of personal computers, I became a communication director in video & television production. From there it seemed only natural to take on the operation of software development in the early 90s, which finally allowed me to venture into this period of self expression after my retirement.
My work is based around my own 3D modeling and those of my friends, who also create 3d models and, I am grateful for the support of my family, and especially my oldest son, who teaches Modeling & Computer Animation at VaTech.
At 65, I tend to do projects that interest me and where I feel I have something in particular to offer. Often the most enjoyable and rewarding part of working with a new client is getting to know them, which often helps me to link other people; with similar interests, together.
Submission Requirements
If you would like me to create a cover for your new book, it would help me to understand better what you have in mind if you were to send me; a short description of the authors vision, the synopsis, title, and if you have a particular font in mind for the title then let me know. Based on this, I can create some rough ideas to send back to you, and we can develop it from there. Also your contact information and when you hope to publish.
Don Websters Image Gallery on page two  of C G I Artist Spotlight

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