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CGI Artist Spotlight, Phillip Phair

Australian, CGI Artist, Phillip Phair has kindly consented to take a place on the Authors and writers Blog site and, display some of his artistic renderings there for you to see.
Phillip will be looking forward to working closely with self published authors; who are looking for a High end book cover image, to promote their literary works.

Artists note.

If you would like me to create a cover for your new book, it would help me to understand better what you have in mind if you were to send me; a short description of the author’s vision, the title, synopsis and any particular font you wish to use for the title. Based on this, I can create some rough ideas to send back to you, after which we can develop the theme from there. Please include your contact information and when you hope to publish.
Phillip Phair
Phillip Phair, a digital multimedia and 3D artist, graduated in Multimedia Design and Art; at Swinburne University, Melbourne in 2004.
Since then Phillip has worked as a digital multimedia designer, developer, and 3D artist; creating poster designs for print, 3D models, interactive applications, games and 3D assets, also artwork for design visualisation and presentation rendering. Phillip specializes in photo realistic 3D imagery, design and photo realistic artwork.
During the last seven years he has concentrated on 3D design and development; producing artwork for Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Epic Games, Hutchison Telecom, and  a variety of other clients.
An official brokered artist for Eon Vue; at Cornucopia3D, and The3dstudio.com. Phillip is also a licensed studio artist at Sinetek Media, a 3D Design Studio based in his home town of Melbourne, Australia.
C G I Gallery, Phillip Phair on page two of, CGI Artist Spotlight,.

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