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“Controversial, and Up Front” Phillippine’s Catastrophe

Philippine’s Catastrophe, rescue in progress, or just another Haiti fiasco in the making?
Whilst the British Parliament procrastinate’ s and bicker’s over the recent energy price hikes, approximately 2,275 to 10,000 Filipinos lay dead in and around the city of Tacloban, victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Meanwhile, refuges starve in their thousands and their numbers grows by the hour. Not surprisingly, the looting of food and water has begun in earnest, indeed The BBC reported that several looters were killed in a successful attempt to liberates 100 thousand sacks of rice, which begs the question, why is this massive stock of rice not being distributed to the starving masses now. Recently, officials announced that distribution of relief supplies have ground to a halt because the C17 cargo aircraft carrying desperately needed supplies are pinned down due to logistical problems. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.
Crisis appeals abound on the airways with millions of pounds being promised for aid, but it’s so much hot air if, even the basic necessities of life can’t be delivered in time. Surely the powers that be learn’ t something from the Tsunami in Japan, and the earth quake in Haiti. One would hope so, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

James A Bresco

From the BBC
Philippine Typhoon Haiyan survivors ‘desperate’ for aid
“Philippines disaster management officials have put the confirmed death toll at 2,275, with another 3,665 injured. More than 80 people are listed as missing.
But Martin Romualdez told the BBC he believed the government was giving “conservative” estimates of the death toll “so as not to cause undue alarm”.
“Just viewing the disaster’s scope – its magnitude and the areas affected – we believe that the 10,000 figure is more probable,” he said. “As we start cleaning up we are finding more bodies.”

“Controversial, and Up Front”
James A Bresco
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