Comments, Oh no! Do you leave comments?

More often than not, each time we click on a new post here on LinkedIn for instance, we’re whisked off, at the speed of light down the internet highway, only to arrive at the posters Blog site. Well that’s okay and, in most cases it’s a pleasant change until, on leaving and, having enjoyed what we’ve seen or read about, decide that we would like to leave a comment, and that’s when it becomes tiresome. ‘Click on that Comments Box dude, and you’re lost’ the little voice in the back of your head tells you, because we know from experience; that once you click you’re going to have to log in and try to remember your email and, worst of all, your password. Even if you can recall both of these items in an instance, it’s well, just one step too far to go right now, you say to yourself, and you’re out of there. What about a click on “Like”, you think.  ‘Oh man! That’s the same!’ the little voice tells you, and goes on, ‘and if your thinking of clicking on Google+, Facebook or Twitter, then you can find your own way out of here.’

Having said that, I must admit to being guilty on all counts and, I feel that the “Comments box” as we know it today” is well over due for; a high tech rethink. A Hit on your Blog Site is good for your Stats, but a Hit followed by a comment is better, and that’s what we really want. As usual your, Comments are welcome.

James A Bresco

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