Home » Breaking news… Internet Piracy Takes a Turn for the Worst

Breaking news… Internet Piracy Takes a Turn for the Worst

Breaking news… Internet Piracy Takes a Turn for the Worst

An F D I official reported today that. “Internet piracy has taken a turn for the worst with the seizure of more than 500 online companies in the early hours of this morning by hackers.” When questioned by N B C’s, Daniel Delver, the F D I official stated. “We’re up against Internet Cloud pirating here, but making good progress

Daniel Delver went on to say. “It appears that the companies affected are being held to ransom by a group of  hackers who threaten to delete their critical data. held in Cloud Storage, if the ransom is not paid within 24 hours…”More on this later…

Another, satirical imitation from; James A Bresco’s “For the Coffee Table series…”

Thousands of companies worldwide are now using Cloud Storage as a safe and, cost effective way of storing data. It may be a cheaper alternative to installing expensive servers, but is it actually secure?

Jordan Robertson from Bloomberg.com has this to say. “Stuart McClure has simple advice for companies that want to put their data in the cloud: Don’t do it. When it comes to security, the former chief technology officer of McAfee said choosing a safe service can be like “picking a dog with the least fleas.”


Just how safe is “Cloud Storage?” Is it at all possible that a concerted effort by internet hackers, could in fact create a scenario similar to the one above?

James A Bresco


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