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Hooter Hornbuckle and Barnabus Belmont. The best of friends

Continuing the saga from the Forrest Glade with Hooter Hornbuckle and Barnabus Belmont

The Post Office.

A traveler, on visiting the “Glade” may well have wondered, when passing by the imposing stands of bright, colorful Rhododendron bush’s gathered about the roots of several lofty trees, what the sign depicting the figure of a Parrot in flight with a satchel upon its back, actually meant. On closer inspection though, the traveler would soon discover that the half-timbered cottage; partially hidden from view to the casual observer, was indeed, “The “Post Office,” nestling cosily between the shrubs and bushes. Consequently, he would come to the conclusion that the parrot in flight; featured on the sign, must have been a representation of the Postman or Post Bird… depending on his point of view of course…

…It had been the Post Mistress, Fenella Floppit who, many years ago had decided to erect the sign only weeks after buying the property, due to the fact that none of the inhabitants of the Glade could find her, let alone; her much needed postal service’s. What’s more, it wasn’t so much a flight of fantasy on her behalf as the Post Office really did employ the services of a Parrot to deliver the mail, which eventually became known to her customers as. “The Poly Post” …

“…Anything for the Poly Post this morning, Miss Floppit ?” Archie said.

“There’s Mr Hooters News’s Letter to go to Mrs. Crockett’s, over on Bluebell Hill.” Fenella said.

“Bluebell Hill, Bluebell Hill.” Archie replied.

“And then, there’s a parcel to be delivered to the Forge House Crossing, but that can wait until later on this morning, Archie.”

“This morning, morning, this morning, morning.” Archie said, as he hopped off his perch behind the Post Office’s counter. Then, scooping up Mrs. Crockett’s letter from Fenella’s desk and placing it carefully into his satchel, he strutted towards the door; bidding the Honorable Hooter, ‘Good day’ before launching himself skywards in the general direction of Bluebell Hill…*

“Well Archie seems to be in good form today.” Fenella, Hooter said…

James A Bresco

Authors and Writers Blog


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