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On line shopping at the Authors and Writers Blog

Welcome to James A Bresco’s, Print Shop and Fine Art Gallery

Hello. Just to let you know that I have been making some changes to the “Authors and Writers Blog,” to ensure that your time spent there is a more interesting and enjoyable experience.
There are a couple of new features but more importantly, I have added a new Picture Gallery. So grab a coffee and have a wander round, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


The Print Shop and Fine Art Gallery brings to you a selection of large format, high resolution, Still Life photography from my professional portfolio. These images are absolute originals and cannot be found anywhere else on the Web, or the High street for that matter as they haven’t seen the light of day for more than twenty five years. They were  created in the ‘Studio” which was just one of the many photographic studios hidden away below ground, literally a stone’s throw away from The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London and was fondly known as, “Joe’s Basement.”

Even as I write, my mind is flooded with so many evocative memories of Covent Garden and Bow Street, home to the “Bow Street Assizes,” and Bowell’s near by, an authentic 18th century Coffee house where I would meet up with my crew around seven am on shoots days, to discuss the final details of the day ahead whilst consuming hungrily, vast quantities of fresh, crispy croissants and copious amounts of Espresso coffee. We weren’t alone either as Bowell’s seemed to be the meeting place for every stylist, makeup artist, Photographer and fashion model that London had to offer at the time and, at that hour the café would be packed to bursting until, a few minutes before nine when, quite magically one group would pack up and leave, prompting other photographers to shepherd their flocks towards the door and head off towards their Studio’s or locations’ for the day. Then there was the Strand, The Mall, Shaftesbury Avenue, Tottenham Court road, Oxford Street, Regents street and, Wardour Street, which was located in the notorious heart of London’s “Soho.” Only a short  taxi ride away from Joe’s, Soho was known to me, like so many professional Photographer’s in London for the camera hire shops, lighting rental shops, film processors, print shops, and the bustling film industry which thrived there and, in particular; one very old and historically important, Public House, “The Intrepid Fox” where I would entertain my clients after a long days “shoot”, dinning later in one of the many Italian or Chinese restaurants which seemed to proliferate in London’s West End. There were of course the sleazy strip joints, Jazz clubs ,clip joints, brothels, all night cafes and all night Bars,not to mention the beggars, pickpockets, prostitutes and so on, all adding to the sense of worldliness that was then Soho, in all its squalid glory. Even so, my time spent working in London as a Photographer carry some of the happiest memories for me; the sheer thrill of working in the Capitol, the hustle and bustle of City life and the warm glow that spreads thought the very essence of your creativity when, on bidding the Client farewell at the end of the “shoot”, he hands you his card, saying.“Call me next week, Mr Bresco, would you?”

James A Bresco.


Click on the Gallery link above to go directly to the main Gallery page where you may choose a Hi Resolution, Fine Art print to purchase. Once you have made your selection click on the Link beneath the image; “Garlic from Provence. Print size page—scan 501” for example, and this will take you to the “Print Shop, size  selection page.”Once you arrive there, please fill out the Contact Form at the top of the page and then look down the the list of thumbnails until you find your print.“Garlic from Provence.— scan 501, for example, choose the size of print you require, and click on the PayPal button next to it where you see (To  include U S A  postal charges on…) / (To  include European postal charges on…) accordingly.

Payment is made via a PayPal link and, even if you don’t have  an account with PayPal, you may pay with one of the Major Credit cards.

Post and Packaging

Orders for prints are sent out in a rigid cardboard tube, sealed at both ends for security.The cost of Postage and packaging for Europe and the U S A  are displayed on the Print Size Order Page.




One thought on “On line shopping at the Authors and Writers Blog

  1. Vorige week 2 afbeeldingen besteld, vandaag binnen gekregen. Afbeeldingen zijn gaaf en van uitstekende kwaliteit. (Number one Wife.Scan 000006 en Pulau Tioman Island, South China Sea.Print size page—scan 000002b) een echte aanrader, zulke unieke printen zijn tegenwoordig moeilijk te krijgen. Thanks mister Bresco!

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