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The Wizard and the Mouse

Are you lost little mouse, did you lose your way?

One day a Wizard saw a little mouse at the edge of the forest path, the mouse was sitting up on its hind legs crying, its tiny forepaws bunched into fists and pressed to its eyes. The wizard was intent on passing by and ignoring the little mouse, after all, it was only a mouse. Suddenly a thought struck him. Perhaps the mouse had lost its way on destinies pathway, a difficult path to follow, he thought, even for a wizard. Surely all creatures had the right to follow their destiny? Turning back he approached the mouse and spoke quietly to it.”Are you lost little mouse, did you lose your way on the long and winding path to your destiny?”The mouse was terrified to be so close to a wizard and began to shake with fright. ‘Do not be afraid little mouse,’ and the wizard gently took the mouse into his hand. ‘Have you been on this path for long asked the wizard?’ ‘Well, replied the mouse timidly, not that long in fact, but the way is confusing and difficult to follow; and, I am so sad, because I do not know what I shall do if I fail in my mission.’ ‘Why should you fail, asked the wizard? To have traveled this far already is surely a mark of your determination to succeed?’ ‘Well… you see, said the mouse, the problem is, that I am easily distracted from the path; why only this morning I spent a whole two hours playing with a beautiful butterfly and yesterday I fell asleep in a hay field for half the day, because it was so warm.’ ‘I understand, replied the wizard, but each time you continued along the same path afterwards, didn’t you.’ ‘Yes, replied the mouse, but sometimes, my hearts not in it you know! What’s more, I feel it may take forever.’ ‘And how long is forever little mouse? ‘Well I’m not quite sure, but I would think…err… at least a month?’ ‘Little mouse,’ said the wizard, ‘let us be companions on this quest, for I follow the same path as you.’ ‘Really! Said the mouse, absolutely amazed,’ ‘well that is wonderful! How long have you been following the path mister wizard,’ asked the mouse? ‘All my life! Replied the wizard. Come little mouse, for we will speak of this as we go….’


© 2012 James A Bresco

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of the author.

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